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Rocking The Suburbs

When 39-year-old Tim, the lead guitarist of Brisbane’s former, biggest international band, rocks up to Saturday morning soccer fixtures, the mums of Bardon go completely gaga. Tim’s trying to sort out some trouble with his ‘secret’ teen aged daughter so he can get back to LA and finish his solo album and he can’t leave town soon enough. Single mum Lara, 41, remembers Tim as a troubled school boy who couldn’t leave Brisbane fast enough. When they reconnect, old school yard crushes are amplified, but Lara can’t just follow her heart now that she has a teen aged daughter to raise. As Tim falls for Lara, he realises he has a lot to learn about big love and raising girls and that sometimes, the ‘burbs of Brisbane are the coolest place to be.

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Burleigh Beach Series

Welcome to my first series. These are what I call Motorcycle Mash-ups. There's an MC storyline threaded through all of them but they're dominated by other genres. Ripped is a bodybuilding sport romance, Sharp is a campus romance and Amped is a surf sport romance. Enjoy! After you've read one, please leave a comment for me to let me know what you think.



Burleigh Beach Series Book 1

Joel Jansen is hot...dark...huge. His sights are set on winning the National All Natural Body Building title and getting the hell out of the Warlords MC before they make him president.

Beth Somerville is a landscape architect...award-winning...broken...taking the slippery slope to plastic surgery to get over her ex.

Joel hires Beth to design his garden to get a top price for his Gold Coast mansion.

Crushing on the younger, muscle bound bad-boy is time Beth could spend finding Mr Right.

Falling for Beth is inconvenient. Once the house is sold, Joel's leaving the glamour strip and his criminal life and he's never coming back.

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Burleigh Beach Series Book 2

Erin Bennett is a total mess. She failed maths and has to pass a make up exam in one week so she can graduate from her expensive Gold Coast university, get a job and support her bipolar mum. Except she doesn't know a soul who will help her because she's been masquerading as a rich daddy's girl for the past two years, not letting anyone close in case they discover her guilty secret...

Bad-boy mathematical genius Dr Ricky Brazel is confused. Should he keep using his preternatural gifts to make money for the Warlords MC, or go to Geneva to find a cure for cancer? The Warlords President assigns a 'minder' to keep Ricky 'safe' while he decides. The last thing Ricky feels like is tutoring some rich flunkie...but then he meets Erin. No question, he needs to have her, but he needs to solve her just as badly.



Burleigh Beach Series Book 3


US born Marcus Daley, five times pro surfing world champion, is bummed to be out of the championships the entire year with a shoulder injury. Instead of riding the waves he loves, he's being paid to commentate the competition from dry sand with no idea if he'll ever surf again. Booze and women in truckloads are the only things that take the edge off. And then there are the pesky PAs his agent insists on hiring to baby sit him. The fastest way to get them off his back is to get them onto theirs. Marcus knows his agent chose the prim strawberry-haired lawyer because she's not his type...but he was wrong. Now he needs to convince this one to stay.

Dux of her year, law graduate Kate Littleton needed a job, any job to pay the rent on her new Gold Coast apartment since the start date of her graduate position was delayed. Fiji is paradise, but getting the gorgeous arsehole out of bed each morning on time and looking sober for the cameras is a nightmare. When she discovers the reason the other assistants left, she's determined to keep to her contractual obligation to 'never touch the talent'.

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About Me

Back in 2013, decades of suppressed creativity burst out in the form of my first romance novel. 

Fortunately, I had the sense not to publish that one, or the next one, although my family gave me great encouragement to continue writing.

Then the Burleigh Beach series was born, inspired from watching motorcycle culture mesh with Gold Coast beach life right in front of me, and the storylines wouldn't go away.

Inspiration for Rocking The Suburbs came a few years back when I took my young kids to my local café in Brisbane and casually glanced over at the next table to see Bernard Fanning, ex lead singer from Powderfinger with his kids, being a regular dad. It was beyond exiting. By the star struck expression on their faces, every other mum was thinking the same thing. So, I wrote this novel for those mums, for every woman who's ever fantasised about meeting a rock star in her neighbourhood.

I'm a mother of young kids with a wonderful husband and a full-time Monday to Friday job. 

What started out as 'me time' has turned into a passion. That my family lets me write is a daily miracle.

I'd love to tell you where you can buy my books...however, although my novels rank highly in national competitions, I'm yet to snag a publishing deal. 

Fingers crossed that will change soon.


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